COVID-19 is taking a toll. As a result, many people - especially after such a lengthy period of lockdown - are now suffering mentally, physically and spiritually.

Early morning, nature beckons. Just 75m from the gate, are a variety of walks in nature; a trail along the river to the dam or summit the top of the mountain and enjoy breath-taking views.  Restaurants are now open and many of the well-known establishments are offering take-outs.


The local butcher is open for business together with the legendary Jacket Shop, while other shops are selling clothing and blankets. Two local mini-markets provide foodstuffs, the coffee roastery offers a wide selection of delectable blends and a local dairy farmer delivers fresh milk daily from a tested Jersey herd.

All restaurants are open and Clarens sports 4 new ones!

Time and Again have re-opened right next to Gosto, Boca di Lupo is serving genuine Italian fare right next to the Courtyard Bakery, The Square has opened its doors on the corner above the town square and The Platform, next to Clementine's is serving just about anything on a Belgian waffle. All are only minutes walking distance from Fairview Cottages.

Break away to Fairview today for your own wellbeing.

We still adhere fully to the precautions and hygiene measures prescribed by the Government and the WHO. 

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